About me

Norbert Barichard

Who am I ?


  • 29 years old guy
  • French, currently living in Toulouse


  • Imaginative : I love creating new things - games, universes, stories, etc.
  • Organized : nothing beats a good old spreadsheet !


What do I do ?


Software engineer and gameplay developer by education and experience, I’m also very interested in more creative fields like game design and storytelling.


What I enjoy the most is creating content. Whether it's coding a gameplay, designing a software architecture, imagining a universe and a story within it, or designing game rules, it is all about putting raw ideas into shape, giving them a structure, and making them useable in a good way.


As a developer, that creative side of me makes me very good at working in domains like the gaming industry, because I can more actively participate in the actual making of a game, be proactive, submit new ideas and help giving them substance.


What do I like ?


Quick rundown : my wife, games, books, hiking, and science ! In addition to that, I also enjoy good music, series, beers, and running.


I've been playing regularly for over 15 years now. I tend to prefer sandbox, strategy and RPG games, leaving the more action-packed stuff for the days I just want to blow off some steam. Generally speaking, I enjoy more relaxing games with a slow gameplay, where I can take the time to think, explore and build. I find a lot of that on the indie scene, with excellent titles like Endless Space or Timber and Stone, just to cite a couple.


If there's one game that sticks out for me, it's most definitely EVE Online. I started playing it in 2007 and still am to this day. To me, it's by far the most complex and challenging game ever made. EVE is a micro-society with its own politics, economics and history. It's a game in which you truly build something, by yourself and with others.


I also like board games of all kinds, from the fun and silly ones to the very serious, complex kind.


On a final note, I'd like to add that as much as I enjoy imaginary universes, I think the one we live in is great. Our planet is a wonderful and astonishing place, and there are so many questions about life and about the universe that have yet to be answered. Life is amazing, and I wouldn't want to go through it without trying to understand it.